darkness falls, but you are the light.

Willow Drake
2 min readAug 12, 2021
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When you are in the darkness
it is easy to get caught up in seeing
your perceived mistakes.

You see all of your silly choices
and how you could have done better
to serve your highest Self.

You fall into a place of lamenting
over just being who you were
during a time.



You can choose Love:

Gratitude, gratitude!

Now I know! I didn’t know before!
I was unconscious. I was asleep to my life —
not feeling aligned with my body mind nor Spirit.

Now that I know,
I have this incredible opportunity
choose Love next time.

I no longer have to keep living that old life!
What a blessing!

How liberating is this, truly?
Now you know there is a choice.
And the choice is in perception.

How wonderfully simple is that
compared to looking out into the 3D world
and thinking I need to change everything out here
so that I feel good on the inside.

No, no.
The darkness is showing you
that it’s all on the inside, right?

The inside is where the magic happens.
The inside is where the control room is
for the outside expression of your story.

Go inward.
See yourself as your truly are,
as know one on the outside can see.
Just pure
y o u.

Celebrate your discoveries and let them go immediately.
Gratitude, gratitude!

Hanging on means living in the past,
this is hell.

Willow Drake

Spirit-Led Personal Development for Mothers // Headmaster of The Elevate! Academy // I write to release, renew, educate, and elevate. join me. xo.